Activities During an Antarctica Cruise

While Antarctica may not be at the top of your list for cruise vacation destinations, there are many reasons why these voyages are quickly gaining popularity among seasoned cruise travelers. The sights and sounds of Antarctica make it an ultimate travel destination place. Take a look at the activities available aboard an Antarctica cruise ship that are listed here to find out if it is a vacation that suits your interests.

There is ice-cold blue water as far as the eye can see in the area of the world called Antarctica. Impressive icebergs are scattered everywhere together with active wildlife. Summer months in Antarctica are filled with sunny days while the spring season holds captivating sunsets. The party is just getting started when people tour Antarctica after that they can move on to other fun activities aboard Antarctica cruise lines. antarctica cruises

An Antarctica cruise usually offers the popular pastime of wildlife observation. There is abundant wildlife in the area so you can choose between observing animals like whales from a distance while on deck or get a closer look at other creatures including penguins by going on land. There is a huge chance of spotting an Orca and a Humpback or Minke while you are on board the ship as these are creatures common to the region. The waters surrounding Antarctica are transformed into a magnificent sight by the presence of these sea animals.

On land, you may catch a glimpse of one of the many different types of seals that call Antarctica home. Some of the varieties include Leopard, Weddell and Crabeater seals. With many small penguins for feeding on available in February and March the seals also are not too shy in coming out. Catch sight of penguin chicks playing or Orcas swimming during the months of spring. If you would like to watch penguin chicks hatch or see whales in great numbers you might want to go there a couple of months before spring starts.

Your days aboard an Antarctica cruise will be filled with all sorts of activities from watching wildlife to enjoying the scenery so it definitely is not a waste of money. Many cruise ships allow passengers a few nights on land to camp out as part of the tour to get a better feel of the scraggy terrain. It would however be a mistake to assume that this camping is the same as the one you used to do in the yard. Have everything you need handy for the trip so you do not wind up unprepared for any and all climate shifts that could happen. For those that are ready for the experience, camping in Antarctic is like nothing you have ever experienced before. antarctica cruise review

You have the option of getting on a smaller boat to observe more closely the scenery and wildlife in the region while traveling on an Antarctica cruise. This type of cruise likewise offers favored activities like canoeing as well as kayaking. A bunch of kayakers usually goes with a guide to help in assessing the condition of the water as well as the entire scene. You can also get a clearer view of the whales by jumping into boats manned by cruise ship personnel and going ashore.

You can explore the deep Antarctica waters through scuba diving and get better acquainted with the aquatic life forms there too. It is as easy to dive in other areas as it is here. Regular folks however cannot do underwater swimming in Antarctica because the gear needed to do so is too hefty and complicated which is why only seasoned divers get to go. Get certified by enrolling in a dry suit dive course then put in the extra dive hours and you will be more ready to take on the challenges of the trip.

While the fun activities never stop in Antarctica there is also a lot of entertainment on board the ship. You have the choice of resting in fancy accommodations or visiting the fine dining room for a quick bite after a long day of exploring. There is never a dull moment aboard an Antarctica cruise as there are lots of interesting ways to pass the time.

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