Carnival Cruise Lines Commercial

This is one out of the three commercials filmed for Carnival Cruise Lines in 2005 for their new marketing campagin: “A Million Ways to have Fun!”

Duration : 0:0:29

[youtube 000WowaKda4]

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  1. latkeeeeeeee says:


  2. ideastoday says:

    Does the guy at 0: …
    Does the guy at 0:03 need assistance? Too many trips to the buffet?

  3. ItsTheChief117 says:

    Master Chief! He’s …
    Master Chief! He’s retired from the UNSC and now does Carnival Cruise commercials and does autograph signings on the cruise ships. Go and get your autographed photo of Master Chief (with his helmet) today! Offer is only available on select Carnival Cruise ships.

  4. stickdog100 says:

    A cruise is the …
    A cruise is the perfect way to have fun-WHILE WAISTING THOUSANDS OF GALLONS OF FUEL OIL!!!!!!!!!!

  5. rjsongwriter says:

    @worldcruiser12 …
    @worldcruiser12 I’ve been on 8 – no regrets. Most bang for the buck, period. It’s the best some of us can afford – Thank you Carnival for making it possible for me to see some of our lovely planet! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. worldcruiser12 says:

    @rjsongwriter I …
    @rjsongwriter I have to apoligize about my silly comment. I should not actually have comment on Carnival before I have tried it myself. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. rjsongwriter says:

    @worldcruiser12 …
    @worldcruiser12 Thanks. That’s gracious of you. And yes, you should try it. You just might be surprised. Happy sailing!

  8. CBIAGaming says:

    lol master chief!
    lol master chief!

  9. themgirls985626 says:

    i say carnival …
    i say carnival because there is a lot more to do for familys.

  10. hartman23400 says:


  11. Ingwxypq says:

    @jetblue14 . . .Yes …
    @jetblue14 . . .Yes!! Bobby Darin’s version is good, but Helen Shapiro’s is the best.

  12. twinsouls says:

    Dropped off my two …
    Dropped off my two Aunts who went on this cruise and I seen 1 Black Person and we were the only Latinos and in L.A. of all places.Nothing but white people who I have no problem with but they seemed to have one with us ๐Ÿ™

  13. decisivepush says:

    I’m going on my …
    I’m going on my first trip in January to the Carribean, Ibefore booking I read sonme good articles at cruisesforthefamily (.) com

  14. MediaWatchDawg says:

    I did Carnival in …
    I did Carnival in college. You do a LOT of silly things when you’re young.

  15. plutonium9 says:

    I wonder what the …
    I wonder what the response might be if they showed what cruising is really like…screaming kids running all over the place and the elderly wobbling around with walkers and oxygen tanks.

  16. Rokinray says:

    @plutonium9 –I …
    @plutonium9 –I cruise in the fall when the poorly behaved American brats are in school. Rates are cheaper then, more adults. Shouldn’t be that many old people unless you are on Holland America!

  17. Rokinray says:

    @worldcruiser12 WE …
    @worldcruiser12 WE all fall in love with our first cruise ship! Itinerary is my first criteria and which ever line offers the best when I am able to go is who I usually sail. Five Carnival, two Princess and one NCL thus far for me. Looking forward to Royal and Celbrity in the future.

  18. pocketcube says:


  19. Chronicler177 says:

    Steve Downs is a …
    Steve Downs is a pretty cool guy. He voices Master Chief and Carnival Cruise and doesn’t afraid of anything.

  20. putty1574 says:

    The Disney Cruise …
    The Disney Cruise is beast.

  21. bambamfrancis1 says:

    Torpedo in the …
    Torpedo in the water! 10,000 yard and closing port side

    Missile inbound starboard side all hands braced for shock!!

    Man the lifeboats!! Every man for himself

  22. loco4vicodin1 says:

    @twinsouls lol that …
    @twinsouls lol that sucks.
    White lady: Excuse me Senior, SENIOR! Yes, you. My food is too rare, and I need 2 cosmopolitan, 3 Arnold Palmers’ and a Carona. Por favor.
    Twinsouls: I don’t work here.
    Whitelady: Not anymore you don’t! Geez, the service here is terrible. I swear this is the last time I’m going on one of these cruises.
    Twinsouls: No I mean I’m here on a romantic cruise with my woman.
    White lady: How’d you afford the trip? Not that I think all Mesicans are poor or anything. hahaha

  23. gloria305vacaciones says:

    Por que no nos …
    Por que no nos ponen anuncios en espaรฑol, para todos lo clientes latinos que vacacionamos con Uds.

  24. Taylorh161 says:

    ive been on …
    ive been on carnival cruise i give it 10 out of 10

  25. tejojo says:

    @MetalSonicEX I …
    @MetalSonicEX I obey, but I’ll take a cruise on Royal Caribbean instead of Carnival Trailer Trash Lines.

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