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  1. MsSocks40 says:

    I love that cruise. …
    I love that cruise. I’ve been on it before. I might go on a cruise soon

  2. iluvphilly4 says:

    I went there a …
    I went there a couple years ago! It was so much fun in cast awway key out in the seven feet deep water they have a playground for kids. Looking forward to going again

  3. MidnightXfire says:

    disney sucks now go …
    disney sucks now go back to the freaking 90s

  4. hkirk98 says:

    I love this cruise! …
    I love this cruise!!! Castaway Cay is the beach i want to live on. Im going March 2012…..hope the world doesnt end

  5. Zakeau007 says:

    why so much …
    why so much emphasis on teens and adults?

  6. MsLoveTheSummer says:

    how much is it to …
    how much is it to go????

  7. Jazzyliz18 says:

    @Zakeau007 There’s …
    @Zakeau007 There’s so much emphasis on the teens and adults because disney is seen as being “for kids”, so they have recently started trying to appeal to older age groups. Now if there are teens on the cruise, they won’t be bored and if there are adults on the cruise, it won’t feel like “ugh, i took off work for this?” lol

  8. Jazzyliz18 says:

    For those of you …
    For those of you who have been on the cruise before, what do they mean about the person waitstaff? Are you assigned a waiter/waitress? Do you have a different waitstaff for each on-ship restaurant?

  9. cookiesfun20 says:

    who agree that this …
    who agree that this crusie ship is WAAY better then the NICKELODEAN!

  10. jayman5685 says:

    @cookiesfun20 i …
    @cookiesfun20 i agree

  11. niffertobias says:

    @Jazzyliz18 the …
    @Jazzyliz18 the Disney Cruise offers rotational dining. No need to reserve specific restaurants (except the adult only restaurants) because you will be rotated each night of your stay so that you will eat at each restaurant at least once! With that, your waitstaff will “follow” you each night. You have the same waitstaff each night regardless of the restaurant. (They don’t follow you to the adult or buffet options tho). It’s convenient bc they “learn” what you like to drink, etc. Enjoy!!

  12. Jazzyliz18 says:

    @niffertobias …
    @niffertobias Thanks! I really appreciate your answer!

  13. Rosa01010101 says:

    i love everything …
    i love everything about disney 🙂

  14. MonicaSellsFlorida says:

    Disney is a True …
    Disney is a True Magical Lifestyle!

  15. Ochstastic says:

    I’m going in a year …
    I’m going in a year! I’m afraid of heights so I’m kinda worried. But I’m so excited. Anyone have.any.advice?

  16. pierre1956 says:

    @hkirk98 , what a …
    @hkirk98 , what a coincidence, I also want to go in the first week of March 2012 with my 6 year old daughter. Maybe, we will be there at the same time

  17. starrock779 says:

    Cool!!! Im going …
    Cool!!! Im going january 27 and dont worry the mith about the world ending is a dumb excuse for people to get rich.

  18. TheFangirl101 says:

    Going on this …
    Going on this cruise in October of this year!!!!XDDD I CANT WAIT!!!

  19. star10901 says:

    can someone give me …
    can someone give me some tips what to bring on the cruise???

  20. star10901 says:

    @TheFangirl101 im …
    @TheFangirl101 im going on the disney magic in october!!!!

  21. TheFangirl101 says:

    @star10901 YAY! 😀 …
    @star10901 YAY! 😀 On the 6th? XD

  22. TheCoachZClan says:

    @star10901 I went …
    @star10901 I went on the Magic July for 11 nights. You’re going October? It’s going to be the most magical cruise ever! You only unpack one time. Be nice to the characters, and the guests. Buy a seaband to make sure you don’t get seasick. Also, make sure not to get sunburned. Follow the staff instructions, and it will be the BEST ever!

    I went from July 9-21 in the Mediterranean Sea, and trust me, one of the best cruises ever. If you have questions, ask Guest SErvices on Deck 3! Have fun! 🙂

  23. star10901 says:

    @TheCoachZClan …
    @TheCoachZClan thanks i can’t wait for it 🙂

  24. star10901 says:

    @TheFangirl101 no …
    @TheFangirl101 no im going on the 14 i think?

  25. TheFangirl101 says:

    @star10901 Ohhh ok …
    @star10901 Ohhh ok :3

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