Paradise Carnival Cruise Ship

A small video of Carnival’s Cruise Ship…”Paradise”…LIFE’S SHORT, LIVE IT TO IT’S FULLEST!!

Duration : 0:1:7

[youtube jbClrHNdt24]

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  1. ILIGANO says:

    Just got back from …
    Just got back from this ship!!! Reveria deck, room 46!!! OMG we had so much fun!!!! And the price for me and my kids was under $1000 total. DO NOT eat the seafood at the blowhole, but other than that, THIS is the way to go!

  2. LasVegasandcats101 says:

    i goign on one in …
    i goign on one in july

  3. Thefishfrier says:

    Can’t wait august
    Can’t wait august

  4. SuperKarkar2010 says:

    @LasVegasandcats101 …
    @LasVegasandcats101 which one in july 23

  5. LasVegasandcats101 says:

    @SuperKarkar2010 i …
    @SuperKarkar2010 i already came back.i went on the 16 to baja mexico.i took the carnival paradise

  6. peguinppls9899 says:

    i went on that boat …
    i went on that boat! it was fun… we went to mexico and the avalon (on catalina island)

  7. CodeRedCardinal says:

    I went on the …
    I went on the carnival fantasy which is a good boat all the carnival boats are petty much the same carnival is great for first time sailers

  8. Ficadigi says:

    I guess eventhough …
    I guess eventhough they didn’t have outter space travel back in the early 21st century, people on the earth bound cruises still found a way to have fun. Taking a space cruise to other earth like planets is so beautiful, it looks like the place where we have to accept G-zus to go which is heaven. This is ficadigi, with a comedy joke from the 27th century.

  9. alinarockssocks says:

    I’m sailing the …
    I’m sailing the Carnival Glory cruise in September 2nd.
    How did ya like your cruise?

  10. aliciaperez5 says:

    just got back …
    just got back yesterday morning ahhh its was beautiful

  11. sam4062 says:

    thats in mexico huh?
    thats in mexico huh?

  12. sam4062 says:

    now the sana at 0: …
    now the sana at 0:42 is the kids pool suck huh

  13. mushy213 says:

    Omg hahahah I …
    Omg hahahah I remember this!!
    That hugeeeeeee flag and like that curvy walk way she’s walkin on!
    This might be weird butthey have bad fish tacos xP.

  14. gaetanomax says:


  15. AllyCat350 says:

    I went on the …
    I went on the carnival cruise ship it was amazing i loved it even when my family and i went to mexico!

  16. overratedvirtue95 says:

    I’m thinking of …
    I’m thinking of booking one myself. I did some good reserach at cruisesforthefamily (.) com

  17. InternationalCharity says:

    is it true this is …
    is it true this is a smoke free cruise ship?

  18. TalkingLogic says:

    I have bin on 2 …
    I have bin on 2 carnaval shops including this one. And no this ship isn’t smoke free

  19. stringsnap says:

    The Paradise began …
    The Paradise began as “smoke free” and then changed to smoking after a couple of years. Although the ship was at capacity every cruise, it seems the people that don’t smoke, don’t gamble and drink enough. Smoking, gambling and drinking go hand in hand. Purely a business decision. It seems that the vices won out. I cruised the Paradise when it was non smoking. What a pleasure. But alas all good things come to an end.

  20. eshachauhan says:

    omg this thing is …
    omg this thing is humongoussssssss…hollycowww…..getting so xcited….:-D

  21. blkstang says:

    i miss this ship :- …
    i miss this ship 🙁

  22. martystuart1000 says:

    behind the fake …
    behind the fake fasade of luxury cruising,lies the real story of migrant exploitation,cheap labour,and intolerable united states public health regulation.

  23. dmoon10531 says:

    @blkstang My wife & …
    @blkstang My wife & I did 2 cruises on the Paradise when it was still in the Carribean. Hard to believe that it’s one of their smaller ships.

  24. Thebubblegumgame12 says:

    Carnival paradise …
    Carnival paradise is one of the first carenival cruise ships

  25. theitaliancutie2000 says:

    i went in that …
    i went in that cruise ship it was soooooooooooooo fun i remember the animal towels and the lobby it looked like charlie and the chocolate factory on sea 🙂

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