Ruby Princess Cruise Ship Highlights

A quick look at the Ruby Princess cruise ship. Includes a brief tour of the galley to watch the head pastry chef decorate a wedding and anniversary cake, a look at a dance party on deck, the La Piazza area, Movies Under The Stars and a quick, comical walk-through of the ship.

Visit to read a review of the ship and view a photo gallery.

Duration : 0:5:21

[youtube peCRDp7rlbk]

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  1. AlphaX500 says:

    i was on the …
    i was on the carribean princess two days ago on a 9 day journey. One question that picture that showed two boats docked and you were walking between them. Was that in Gran Turk??? Also i feel that all princess’s look VERY similar in design. Btw another thing the music hasnt changed one bit. i watched the same thing you did under the stars. and this is a year later.

  2. FizzySherbet says:

    Is the ship similar …
    Is the ship similar to the Grand Princess?

  3. ektalackhan says:

    this video made me …
    this video made me more dizzy dan the cruise!!

  4. NearlyAsianInvasion says:

    were the nighttime …
    were the nighttime shows any good?

  5. niknaktooe says:

    i’m going on August …
    i’m going on August 7th! 😀


    @niknaktooe today!! …
    @niknaktooe today!!!!

  7. nasosiason says:

    i saw it in mykonos …
    i saw it in mykonos today, huge, i cant imagine how big the biggest one is

  8. monkeyluv789 says:

    I was on the …
    I was on the Saphire princess cruise.

  9. awesomevidios45 says:

    Are you sure that …
    Are you sure that it’s not the Crown Princess?

  10. Microview248 says:

    Thank you for the …
    Thank you for the video. I’m considering the Ruby Princess in the future and you sold me. Great that they let you video the pastry chef.

  11. InternationalCharity says:

    @Microview248 ruby …
    @Microview248 ruby princess is a great ship! they play movies on the top deck and give free popcorn! but the crew can be quiet mean depending on your age

  12. samandsteven111 says:

    is this ship kid …
    is this ship kid friendly?

  13. hobbeyman says:

    I took a three week …
    I took a three week toour of the mediterranean on this boat and it was the best three weeks of my life and I would totally recommend princess cruises

  14. xoxolusciousxoxo says:

    omg i went on this …
    omg i went on this cruise:)

  15. Mega123456789100 says:

    I love that ship. …
    I love that ship. Great quality, the only thing I hated was the stinky cheese and the powdered eggs. YUK.

  16. Natalie5422 says:

    i went on this …
    i went on this november to december i love it

  17. Natalie5422 says:

    i went on this …
    i went on this november to december i love it
    go club fusion

  18. kangade32 says:

    good luck my little …
    good luck my little brther

  19. tomydude165 says:

    I was on this …
    I was on this cruise, it was so nice!

  20. averagejacket60 says:

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    Do you really wish to recognize how experienced technique players are generating above a hundred and sixty.000 DOLLARS each year? Having a few working hours every day? Get the cost-free information on roulettecash !! org

  21. 1workers says:

    the pastry cheff is …
    the pastry cheff is asshole

  22. 1workers says:

    poland the pastry …
    poland the pastry cheff,is very very asshole,believe me,100percent,is hardtimer

  23. EthanYau3238 says:

    I was on this …
    I was on this cruise ship last summer. It was great! ^_^

  24. taylorannecheng says:


  25. borg386 says:

    looks like the …
    looks like the princess ships really like BROWN because the insides of them are elegant, but BROWN!
    kinda ugly actually!
    someone please tell me the whole ship is not BROWN inside.

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