Alaska Cruise Vacations – Tips For Finding Great Deals For Alaska Cruises

An Alaskan cruise can be the vacation of a lifetime, but it can also break the bank if you aren’t careful. Paying for flights, you room and board on the ship, ship excursions, drinks, and mementos can add up in a hurry! Don’t worry. With a little planning using the following tips, you can find great deals on Alaskan cruises.

Tip #1: Think about the season.

In tropical and warm climates, cruise season can really last all year long, so cruise don’t change in price much from month to month. However, in Alaska, there are several months when it is very cold, making cruises less expensive. There is less for you to do on your shore excursions because of the weather and it isn’t going to be as nice sitting out on the deck as it would be in the summer, but you can still find plenty of unique ways to fill your days. If you purchase tickets right before or after the tourist season, you’ll still have fair weather without the outrageous prices.

Tip #2: Go for the packaged deals.

If you can buy your airfare, ground transportation and your cruise for one low price, you’ll be able to get more out of the entire cruise and spend less money overall. Also, look for vacations that might include week-long trips before or after the cruise, so that you can see more of the countryside and enjoy more of what Alaska has to offer you without paying expensive ship lodging prices. Work with a travel agent to really take advantage of budget rates on packaged deals.

Tip #3: Think both big and small.

Something that you can do that usually works for tourists is checking with the lesser-known cruise lines to see if they’re offering any deals. At the same time, don’t forget about the big names in cruising. They often offer specials for families, seniors, members of the military, larger groups, and so forth.

Tip #4: Choose your room carefully

One of the things that cruise lines might do is offer an interior room for much less money than one on the outside of the ship. Since you probably won’t be in the room for very long you might want to consider doing this because it will give you a chance to get a cheaper deal on your cruise overall. Keep in mind, however, that interior rooms are very dark, even during the day, because they have no windows.

Tip #5: Plan a land-based Alaskan vacation and go on a day cruise.

Lastly, Alaska offers a number of budget-friendly options in regards to hotels and campgrounds. You can even consider taking an RV through this great state, which will really help you save money. To get that cruise fix, book an afternoon glacier or whale-watching cruise. That way, you’ll be able to enjoy time on the water without breaking the bank! There really are cruise options for every budget, so don’t let the cost stop you from planning a great Alaskan vacation.

Taking an Alaska cruise vacation is a superb way to visit Alaska. Finding great travel deals can be a bit of a hassle in today’s economy, but with a little research and diligence you should be able to find great discount cruise travel deals. Lisa Jenkins is a freelance writer for and offers great tips and other travel information regarding Alaska cruise vacations, Alaska RV trips and Alaska Railroad excursions.

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