Cruise Discounts and How They Are Presented

I know one thing we all want to do when planning your next vacatoin is, “Find The Best Possible Deal”. I can tell you that it’s no different when planning a cruise vacation. Cruise discounts are not hard to find and not difficult to get if you know where to look. But be aware, not all cruise discounts offer you the best deal.

What may seem inportant to you in a cruise vacation may not be important to me or anyone else for that matter. A lot of cruise discounts you’ll be offered may be for a cruise, stateroom, or a cruise line that dosen’t interest you in the least. The price may sound right but if you don’t get full enjoyment where possibly is the value?

On the other hand, if you just simply want to ‘Get-Away-From-It-All’ and are flexible then just about any cruise discount will be right for you.

I’ve put together six different ways that cruise discounts are presented. One of these is sure to be right for you.

Booking Early Cruise Discounts

If you can book your cruise before a certain date, the cruise line will give you a special discount price. You’ll find that this type of discount is available from most cruise lines and most itineraries. Just so you know, these early cruise discounts might not be the ‘best prices’ you can get but, booking early can almost guarentee you will get the cruise you want, on the cruise ship of your choice in the suite or stateroom that you like and the selected itinerary that interest you most. When you take all these items into account you’ll see that these types of cruise discounts offer the best value for your cruise. With the cruise ships being so large these days, booking early can get you exactly what you want. A word of advice here! Cruise lines sell out on a regular basis.

Off Season Cruise Discounts

If your cruise vacation schedule falls into one of the ‘low seasons’ for cruise vacations, this type of cruise discount is right up your alley. For example, in the Caribbean’s so-called ‘hurricane season’ you can come accross some great cruise discounts. Keep in mind that if a major storm should happen, cruise ships can head to calmer waters. Today’s cruise liners can even out-run these storms as well. If a storm was to hit on one of your land-based resort vacations, you would certinly have to take cover or evacuate.

Last Minute Cruise Discounts

This is the most riskiest cruise discount plan there is. If the cruise you prefer sells out, you are left in the water. If you prefer a balcony stateroom, all that might be availabe is an inside room. Having said that, these types of discounts can offer you the very best deal. If you’re flexible with your cruise vacation date, cruise ship, your stateroom preference and your itinery, then the last minute cruise discount is for you.

Group Booking Cruise Discounts

If you can plan your cruise vacation with a group of others, you could qualify for a ‘group rate’ plan. Not all cruise lines offer this plan but it’s certainly worth looking into. The group booking rates won’t be as low as a last minute cruise discount but if you book early enough you can get the preferences you desire.

Previous Cruiser Discounts

If you are a first time cruiser then these type of cruise discounts would not apply to you. If you’re booking your next cruise on a cruise line you’ve choosen before, you might well be offered several different specials that may look quite attractive. This could include free upgrades and/or on-board credits as stated below.

Value Added Cruise Discounts

The value added discount will not change the price of the cruise itself. However, what it does do is offer you special additions and ‘perks’. An example would be a stateroom upgrade – whereas you pay for a certain category stateroom and the cruise line will automatically upgrade you to the next category. Another value added discount would be an on-board credit. The cruise line would add a credit to your stateroom account that can be used while on your cruise vacation. Other perks the cruise line might offer are a bottle of wine in your stateroom or free logo-wear.

Even if you don’t take advantage of the possible cruise discounts available when planning your next cruise vacation, one thing is for sure. Taking a cruise aboard one of the magnificent cruise ships available today will be an experience you will cherish for a lifetime!

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