Cruise Packing Tips – Essentials to Pack For a Cruise

Avoid a disastrous cruise vacation with these cruise packing tips. A cruise check list of needed items is essential if you want to enjoy a stress-free holiday at sea.

Essentials to Pack

1) Keep important items such as medications, first aid kit, camera and batteries, along with toiletries in your carry-on.

2) Divide your clothing between separate suitcases. That way if a luggage is lost or delayed, you have something to wear.

3) Take only one credit card with you. Leave the rest at home. These cruise vacation tips are meant for planning ahead in case your wallet is stolen.

What to do with Important Documents

1) Make three copies of your passport, drivers license, and airline tickets. Keep a set at home with a family member or friend in case of loss. Keep one set in your carry-on bag and the third in your checked baggage.

2) You can also scan your important documents and email them to yourself so that you can access them from any computer.

Miscellaneous Items to Pack

1) Bring your own alarm clock. Most cabins do not have them.

2) Pack a short extension cord. Most cruise ships only have one or two electrical outlets.

3) Notify the cruise ship of any dietary restrictions you may have ahead of time.

4) Keep items that can spill in plastic bags. And keep most other items in clear plastic bags for faster security checks at the airport.

5) Include a flash light and night light for darkened rooms. This is especially helpful if your stateroom is an inside cabin.

6) Choose brightly colored suitcases as these are easier to find among the thousands of other suitcases at the airport and pier.

7) Wrap your wallet in a rubber band to avoid pickpockets.

8) Keep a supply of one dollar bills handy for tipping at the airport and pier.

Avoid a vacation disaster by planning ahead with these simple but life-saving cruise packing tips. That way, you can enjoy a glorious stress-free experience without worrying about what you should have done.

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