Cruise Ship Tips: Not So Obvious Packing Tips The Top 10 Non Obvious Packing Tips For A Cruise Vacation. You don’t want to forget these items. Planning a cruise can be easy with these helpful tips and savings

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  1. LearnBallroomDancing says:

    Good Tips! I would …
    Good Tips! I would have never thought of bringing a can of air freshener.

  2. KidsFitnessMadeFun says:

    I agree
    I agree

  3. thebowlbys says:

    I actually learned …
    I actually learned something from this video

  4. christadv says:

    im cruising with …
    im cruising with carnival in 9 days

    #5 was good… last time i didnt bring one… but good thing i had an alarm on my phone… but i had to sleep with it too close or i wouldn’t hear it… this time im gonna get a travel size alarm clock…

    I never thought to bring a travel roll of toilet paper for that reason…
    Great tips!

  5. tangoll says:

    Horrible speaker… …
    Horrible speaker…too many ums, ahs, y’know’s. Irritating to hear him speak.

  6. Uniquepassion101 says:

    Great tips!

    Great tips!

  7. DGatYT says:

    my tip to you … …
    my tip to you … join toastmasters

  8. OHpink says:

    Great tips! I also …
    Great tips! I also take along the disinfectant wipes. I wipe down the room phone, doorknobs, tv remote, etc. Stewards hardly ever wipe them. I also take a can of Lysol if I can find a small one.

  9. holisticguy says:

    4, 7, 8 and 10 are …
    4, 7, 8 and 10 are good. i would try those moist flushable wipes.

  10. Titimusicgrll says:

    Y Would We Bring …
    Y Would We Bring Gum? Besides The Plane Ride

  11. ditzen89 says:

    @Titimusicgrll If …
    @Titimusicgrll If you like to chew gum, you will want to bring gum because you can’t buy it there.

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