Cruise Ship Travel Tip #23 – Tips
More about tips – Other than room and board and a very small paycheck tips are the only salary the workers receive and they do work extremely long and hard. Please be sure to have extra cash on hand at the end of the cruise for just this purpose. You can charge your tips to your credit card if you want, in fact many cruise ships automatically charge them to your Ship Credit Card account unless you tell them not to. I recommend giving them cash because it’s more convenient for the workers. If you do allow the ship to add the tips to your on board account, you should at least give them a little extra in cash if they’ve done a good job. Envelopes will be provided in your room on the next to last day of the cruise for you to hand the money to them on the last evening. If you divide your tips out ahead of time it will save you from running for change on the last night of the cruise. Remember the room steward and waiter each receive a minimum of $3.50 per day and the assistant waiter receives $2.50 per day. You can give the maitre de’ or “Head Waiter” a total of about 50 cents a day but only if he spends time making sure your meals are perfect. Another time you should tip is if you orde

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  1. 420SMOKECONEZ says:

    “the crew staff …
    “the crew staff work often 6months at a time so please dont thank them” your pretty stupid woman maybe a little thought prior to filming wouldnt have been a bad idea

  2. Baidehifgj says:

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  3. 8stewiegriffin says:

    been working for …
    been working for Princess Cruises couple years ago; thank you doesn’t really matter if you are working 11 – 16 hours a day. You become a robot and don’t really care that much for appreciacion. Sounds strange but that’s the way it is especially if you concider the real length of contracts – my all four contracts were longer than 8 months, believe it or not.

  4. 8stewiegriffin says:

    Oh, and before you …
    Oh, and before you give a tip to head waiter or maitre’ de you should realize that the guy earns around $2000 a week, at least on my vessels they didn’t go below this amount. So maybe find somebody who had been working hard to make your holiday this special time but at the same time doesn’t earn more than you do 😉

  5. citroeno says:

    Whats that women …
    Whats that women talking about 50c tips and a couple of dollars room sevice i used to be a cabin steward and recieve on average between $30 and $50 dollars per room prior to embarkations and that was for taking care of 12 cabins,We,d work together and share our tips getting around $280 a trip,even better on carribean cruises.
    That was on the QE2 mind you.Bon Voyage.

  6. marlin187 says:

    White looks nice.
    White looks nice.

  7. rangelso says:

    I think the white …
    I think the white fits better but of course black is not bad at all. And what did you say ?

  8. pabstman57 says:

    Iv been on a few …
    Iv been on a few carnival cruises, the tips are taken out ahead of time. sometimes I cancel the sit down diner tips becuse we generally go for the buffet.

  9. mario102395 says:

    if you don’t make …
    if you don’t make enuf money quit. And go work somewhere else . I’ll be damned if there gonna include a tip that. I will make that decision

  10. ideastoday says:

    I would tip Liesel.
    I would tip Liesel.

  11. amulla86 says:

    hey how much does a …
    hey how much does a chief officer make on a cruise ship ?? i have experience of gas tankers . i heard cruise ship pay is less than cargo ships is it true??

  12. TransferAmerica says:

    I have always …
    I have always wanted to go on a cruise thanks for all the tips Liesel. Travel Wish TV always seems to have something to say about anything vacation related.

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