Cruise Tips – Ponzi and I are on a Hawaii Cruise this week. We both truly love to go on a cruise. Here are some tips we came up with to help you enjoy your next cruise.

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[youtube YoLrbXvc7CM]

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  1. MrOlafdotcom says:


  2. MrOlafdotcom says:

    Who makes that …
    Who makes that electronic motion sickness device displayed in the video?

  3. KivaWolf says:

    Wow what is it with …
    Wow what is it with people having against people having a cruise and do a live webcam now and then? Geez go run your own life! I’m sure Chris doesn’t need stupid people telling him how to relax! Seems the people who complain about other people not “screwing” shows they have problems of their own. Do what you do best Chris!!!

  4. ttsupraman1 says:

    lol she correct’s …
    lol she correct’s everything he say’s, like an old couple who fight’s.

  5. GreetingsEarthlingss says:

    When do we eat???
    When do we eat???

  6. 501th says:

    wow get -5 so you …
    wow get -5 so you just sad so wen you go on holday you going do a pod cass think wooc up set you woman

  7. 2UpDuc says:

    Nice Room.. With a …
    Nice Room.. With a balcony isnt cheap// How much was trip and how long was trip?

  8. Wayne2219 says:

    He always gets …
    He always gets smart with his wife you hear him in the beginning surprised she hasent left his punk ass

  9. FirebrandNIRE says:

    Is Ponzi invisible? …
    Is Ponzi invisible? Or is she nocturnal? 🙂

  10. jugglerkieran says:

    it’s also been …
    it’s also been proved on mythbusters so it has to work

  11. luckycharmz360 says:

    I went on the …
    I went on the Norwegian cruise line (the Norwegian sun) and it was great. We had a porch and everything. We went to Alaska and it was pretty cool. Also, I agree with KivaWolf maybe making vids relaxes chris, maybe he really likes too, if you are gonna about it then just don’t go on youtube and go do something else with your life.

  12. kpslover says:

    I hate cruising! …
    I hate cruising! You might get thrown overboard!

  13. 54spiritedwill54 says:

    i kinda like cruises
    i kinda like cruises

  14. devl029 says:

    i jsut wnet ona …
    i jsut wnet ona cruise last june it was fun it was my 6th i enjoyed it a lot it was on the carnaval victory

  15. goldendude909090 says:

    Hey nice tipps im …
    Hey nice tipps im going on a cruise around hawaii for the first time so i know what to do

  16. AlaskaCruiseTips says:

    A cruise ship with …
    A cruise ship with a balcony – nice but be careful if you go for a stroll in a storm!

  17. TILLEYJS says:

    great vid
    great vid

  18. stevensj13 says:

    Damn dude, your …
    dude, your wife is beautiful! You are a lucky man……..

  19. TechTalkr94 says:

    not all are formal …
    not all are formal i love cruises

  20. mechwarreir2 says:

    They divorced =/
    They divorced =/

  21. dmc081 says:

    see wat happens wen …
    see wat happens wen u have money u get a gold digger come with u n the only thing u get is thats if u get some if u get lucky

  22. spike2121212121 says:

    thank you so much …
    thank you so much for making this video. We r going on the cruise 1st time & didnt know what to expect, but this helped out A LOT!!! thank you so much again!!!

  23. TheMapleleafsdude says:

    im going on a cruise
    im going on a cruise

  24. makebelievezz says:

    great tips! my …
    great tips! my first cruise is coming up this Oct and these will really help! thanks for posting

  25. DnyWlsh says:

    I’m going on a …
    I’m going on a cruise to Bermuda this summer!

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