Cruise Vacations – Tips For Picking a Cruise

Many people have a hard time choosing one cruise from among all of the varied cruise choices available. No single cruise can universally be called “best,” and all cruises offer something unique. To decide which cruise to pick, cruisers first have to look at a few of their own personal tastes and determine what it is they want to get out of their cruise. Here are 3 tips to help

The first tip is to decide in advance how much you are willing to spend and then stick to that budget. Some day cruises can be had for less than $100. Anyone intent on cruising for several days on a luxury cruise ship will find the cost may run much more. The big luxury cruise packages that last 10 or more days are in the range of several thousand. So, before deciding which cruise to book, cruisers first need to decide how much money is in their budgets and then stick to them.

The second tip is to decide how much time you have available for cruising. An entire vacation? Only one day? Or, maybe ½ of the vacation cruising the Lakes and ½ at a resort or on a road trip. To a certain extent, the amount of money that you are willing to spend will determine the length of the cruise, but some passengers may still find that the length of vacation time available is too short for many of the available cruises.

The third tip for potential cruisers is to figure out what you truly desire in a cruise. All the luxury of a mini-yacht? Or, are you willing to rough-it a little bit and take a Tall Ship? Are you after dancing, wine tasting, ice cream socials, extravagant dinners, seeing the sights pass slowly by the ship, or enjoying the beautiful ports? All of these activities are available on different cruises, but every passenger has to decide which cruise provides what they are seeking.

Once you have decided the budget, duration and type of ship, the final decision of choosing a cruise package will be much easier.

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