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Insider Cruise Tips!

You can you now! My wife and I have been lucky enough to enjoy cruises to almost every part of the world and we wouldn’t have done it any other way!

But, this letter isn’t about us… it’s all about you and how you can enjoy the same un-ending supply of fantastic food, exotic ports of call and enjoyment on a cruise ship you’ve never thought possible.

No, I don’t work for the cruise lines. Although you would think so by the way I keep talking up these fantastic floating holidays. So, you may wonder why this letter cruise package?

The fact is, that my wife and I have enjoyed such memorable times on cruise ships that we would like you to have the same enjoyment we’ve been able to enjoy and believe that everyone (including you) should have the same opportunity we’ve had during your lifetime.

Just for the record.. We’re not super rich and we didn’t inherit millions of dollars. We’re just like you. We try to save money when we can but still have a good time.

You see, I am an ex-airline pilot and my wife is a flight attendant. We are veterans of literally thousands of cruises and flights all over the world… and because of our jobs, we’ve probably been to more places, more times than thousands of “non travellers” have spent in their lifetimes.

So what? The fact is we’ve learned A LOT! We’ve discovered what to do and probably more imporant… what NOT to do when booking, purchasing and travelling on cruise ships. We’ve had absolutely fantastic times 95% of the time on cruise ships… but have had the occasional (awakening) on some others…

…and because of that, we want you to benefit from what we’ve learned… so you won’t have to lose time and money when you shouldn’t have. So that you can the absolute greatest enjoyment from your cruise vacation without those occasional little “hitches”.

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