Tips For Your Cruise Vacation

These are cruise vacation tips that I use to save money and still have a fantastic time on my cruise vacations.

Bottled water gets expensive. You should look into purchasing a reusable bottle that you can fill up for your time on the ship and during excursions. I filled my water bottle up before we head out to explore the city and we didn’t have to worry about buying bottled water everywhere we went.

Every night you will be given an itinerary of the next city you are going to. There will be prizes and drawings offered at the shops at your next port of call. Visit those shops and you can expect cute little trinkets that you can take back as your souvenirs at no extra cost! They just want you to step into their shops. I had lovely jewelry and trinkets to bring back as gifts and it didn’t cost me single penny.

Attend the art auctions on the ship. At the auctions, you have no obligation to make any purchases. You have the opportunity to sit and view art and get a little history of the painting and artist while sipping champagne. Champagne is complimentary offered at all art auctions. You will also be given a free piece art upon exiting the auction program. Sometimes it’s worth it, I got a beautiful picture of the Caribbean when I sat through one of the auctions.

If you attend the activities and raffles throughout the trips you can win some awesome prizes. There was a contest on my most recent cruise. You had to guess which piece of jewelry was a fake piece. If you guessed correctly you were entered into the raffle and the winner was given a prize worth $200 of Amber. I guessed right, however I didn’t win the contest. It was fun, nonetheless.

With these little tips you’ll be able to have some extra fun without extra dollars. You’re already getting tons on your vacation but these tips will make it seem like you’re getting so much more!

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