Best cruise for 20-something girls?

Rebecca24 asked:

I’m looking into a cruise vacation with 3 of my girlfriends. We’re all 24 years old. Two are engaged, two are single, and we are looking for something to suit everyone (the engaged girls want to relax, the single ladies would like to party). Any suggestions?

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  1. Great Scott! says:

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    Best party cruise boat and relaxing boat is no question about it……Royal Carribean Liberty of the Seas……..AWSOME time….. i guarentee you will have a blast. they have so many activites that you can do and there are adult areas where they can relax…….have fun

  2. Rebecca R says:

    How To Save On A Cruise Vacation

    I recommend Holland America Line, they are truly great. The group I went to Alaska with last month were all around 20 and we had a great time. The ship we went on was the Oosterdam and there were great shows and the night club was a lot of fun. They also have a fantastic spa to relax at, not to mention there are a lot of cute guys who work on the ship : )

  3. rick d says:

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    I have been on over 20 cruises with Holland, Norwegian & Princess. All 3 had people of all ages & things for those same people to do. The best thing is that there are many great places to go & enjoy the sights. Why not pick a place all of you always thought of going to & go. Not matter where you choose & what line the crew of the ships go out of their way to make sure everyone is happy.

  4. Ali says:

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    Definately go with Royal Caribbean. They are amazing, and they would meet all of your needs. They are awesome.

  5. Morgan B. says:

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    I would totally reccomend a Royal Caribbean cruise. I went on one last January and I thought that I would have nothing to do and that the whole vacation would suck because I was trapped on a ship but I was sooo wrong! There was soooo much to do! Everyday you get a flyer saying what there is to do that day and what to expect with that event. There are at least two differnt pools, one for adults to relax and another to party. The boat that I went on had a rockwall, ice skating rink, game room, movie theater, roller skating and soo much more! There are also fantastic shows to go to. I would reccomend the ice show the most though! I hope this helped. No matter where you go i’m sure you and your friends will have a great time though!

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