Better vacation? Las Vegas or Cruise to the Caribbean?

jrabbits asked:

For 2 old married people

cruise vacation

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  1. Travel Expert says:

    Learn How To Cruise On A Budget

    Vegas baby, looking for great deals

  2. Pauly says:

    Cruising On A Budget

    Vegas is nice – lots to see and do – but best advice if you are going to stay on the main strip – stay in the ‘mid-strip’ area like Caesar’s. there is a lot of walking that can be done. I have stayed at the MGM which is at one end and regretted afterwards (and my sore feet) not stayying in the middle.

  3. jim w says:

    How To Cruise On A Budget

    on Cruise you can eat and eat, met new people, see new things,
    on most cruise ship they an Casino, so you can gambling on the ship. so take an cruise.

  4. thisisnotdel says:

    Cruise On A Budget

    Cruise to the Caribbean, you get to see more than 1 country.

  5. RockwallCat says:

    cruise vacation

    Just came back from a cruise. They are fun and could be relaxing or exciting or both. Like someone already said, you can gamble on the cruise.

  6. nursejess8 says:

    Cruise Vacation Guide

    Never been on a crusie but my friend wasnt a real big fan of it….I am sure that it is beautiful there….but I went to Vegas last summer and it was awesome……i cant wait to go back…..tons of stuff to do without spending money

  7. FaZizzle says:

    Save On Your Next Cruise Vacation

    The cruise–

    1) The cruise has everything Las Vegas does–the booze, lame entertainment, and gambling.

    2) You have SO many options at SO many ports. We went on Norweigan Cruise Lines (BEST LINE EVER!) and played with monkeys, swam with dolphins, climbed a Mayan ruin, and rode horseback on white sand beaches. It’s SO romantic.

    3) Old is only a mindset!

  8. timxed says:

    cruise vacation


    Shows, bright lights, nice heat, gambling, Elvis…..

  9. Macaw_Lover says:

    How To Save On A Cruise Vacation

    This depends on what you want to do. Vegas is gambling, shows(cirque du soleil), drive to hoover dam…..Hotels I recommend would be Mandalay Bay, Mirage, Paris, Caesars, MGM, NY NY, Wynn, Luxor, Treasure Island (Depends on your budget). Would skip Imperial, circus circus and excaliber. Those should be torn down already!

    Cruise to the Caribbean. Beach, Ocean, gambling(if it’s a ship with a casino), shows(Vegas like shows), movies under the stars(princess cruise lines), eat lots and lots of good food, shore excursions which varies depending on your ports of call. With a cruise you can be as active or lazy as you choose to be.

    Hard to say which would be better for you because again it’s all in what you want for this vacation.

    If you do choose a cruise I would suggest Princess or Holland for you. Just wanted to add, someone said NCL is the best, well they have decent ships yes. But they screw up so many reservations I myself tend to stay away from them if I can. There are other lines that just do an all around better job than NCL.

  10. Michael J says:

    Cruise On A Budget

    Las vegas by far, cruises are usually somewhat rush rush when island hopping. Why not go to vegas, let loose, gamble a little, eat a lot (cheaply), Drink a lot (free in casinos), rent a car go to the HOOVER DAM (45 minutes away), next go to GRAND CANYON by car (3 hrs 15 minutes). Relax, hit the numerous flea markets. Take in a show, Celine Dion, people watch. Very exciting and most of all its in the U.S.:)

  11. dslant6 says:

    Cruising On A Budget

    Cruise! You can gamble on most cruise ships.

  12. free2b says:

    Save On Your Next Cruise Vacation

    The Caribbean Cruise! I’ve been both places and would definitely recommend the Caribbean over Vegas.

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