Can a company use an employee’s vacation time to compensate for time off due to severe weather?

Clae asked:

My company closed for 2 days due to severe weather and they are using those days off as vacation days. Many of us have already scheduled our vacation days for later in the year and have already paid for cruises or in my case airfaire, but now don’t have the sufficient amount of vacation time left. Can they do this?

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  1. sophieb says:

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    sure companies can do what they want to do but if the place was closed 2 days because the company closed the place then they should not be docking you. If you guys choose to do so and there’s enough money involved from those 2 days for everyone, and it’s over $1,000 then you all can take that matter to court, get yourselves an attorney who will work a plaintiff’s side and in the specialty of human resources (personnel). Pay for the fee to bring the suit. I think you have a case. An attorney could tell you better, but that attorney could also first write a letter for you to your employer (and scare them).

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