Can you take a Cruise to Mexico without a passport?

luv2help asked:

I’m planning a last minute vacation, and by last minute, I mean the last week of July or first week of August. We don’t have valid passports. I heard that if you travel by car or boat, you don’t need one. Does this apply to cruises? If not, any ideas for a last minute vacation, whereby you don’t need a passport would be appreciated.

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  1. stan l says:

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    Yes. to mexico. This will tell you the various rules. If you go the drivers license and birth certificate route mahe sure your birth cert. is a certified copy. A xerox won’t do. Also check the cruise line to see if they’ll allow you to board without a passport.

  2. Alison says:

    You may or may not need a passport for a cruise to Mexico. Basically, if your cruise is what’s called a “closed-loop” cruise, meaning that it begins and ends at the same US port (not just in the US, mind you, but in the same port), then you can get by with a driver’s license and a certified copy of your birth certificate.

    However, you need a passport to fly in from Mexico, so it’s best to bring one in case something comes up and you need to get home in a hurry.

    RushMyPassport can expedite a passport for you if necessary. You can also have this done yourself at a Regional Passport Agency office, but an expediting service is easier, especially if you don’t live near a Passport Agency.

  3. Alicia C says:

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    No you need a passport

  4. Charlie says:

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    Cruises to Mexico beginning and ending in the U.S. do not require passports. Passports will be required after June 1, 2009. See site below. However, SOME cruise lines want passengers to have passports, so it is wise to call the cruise line and ask.

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