Do I need a visa to go for a cruise to the Caribbeans?

Cooldolphin asked:

I am planning a vacation and would like to take my mother who is visiting from India to a Carribean cruise. She has a visitor’s visa to US. Do I need to get her visa’s for various ports? Thanks

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  1. nena says:

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    She can only travel to US territories in the carribean with her visa. That would include Puerto Rico (san Juan port) & the US vigin islands(St thomas, st croix & st john). If you want to take her to any other locations she will probably need more that that. & you will need a passport for anything more than that as well. ENJOY

  2. TINKERTOY ..... the 1 & only says:

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    When you are ready to book your cruise do so directly with the cruise line and explain to them that she is not a US citizen and ask if she needs VISAS for the countries the ship will stop in. My guess is she will not as I have seen that in most stops in the Caribbean the country’s immigration officials at the ports do not even look at passports. Now the information is probably made available to the country’s immigration officials ahead of time since the cruise line has it.

  3. Servette says:

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    Ask the cruise operator before getting a ticket.

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