Do prepaid cell phones work on cruise ships?

wvcudlgrl asked:

I am taking a Carnival cruise on 10/13 departing from Norfolk Va and going to the Bahamas. We will be stopping in Freeport and Nassau. Is there a prepaid cell phone that will work.
I use my regular phone for business so I don’t want to take it and be bothered while I’m on vacation.
Your help is appreciated.

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  1. jimster says:

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    depends what line you take. I know that when you take norwegian, most of their ships have satelite and underwater comm lines. however they charge you an arm and a leg for international calls. the best thing to do is wait until you reach each port.

  2. TrueFalseT says:

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    Not if your in the middle of the ocean they don’t you need to be close enough to land for them to get a signal.

  3. luludoodie says:

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    Cell phones only work if you are in range of a shore based transmitter.

    The cruise lines want you to use their (high margin) satellite phones those that offer a link to a cell phone are having to use a satellite link so you pay “their” rates not normal rates.

  4. seventy says:

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    you have to get permission off the cell phone company too, to take your phone abroad.
    They don’t work at all at sea because there is no signal.
    There should be an internet cafe though so you’d be able to keep in touch with people via email

  5. Tivogal says:

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    i would ask the company you are buying the pre paid cell phone from.
    some you could get coverage at the ports. You might want to make calls from shore with an International phone card. that would save you from large charges.

    good luck

  6. Highly Favoured says:

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    I went on the Carnival destiny and my post-paid phone did not work. I only started to get calls after land was in sight. I did use another person’s phone but do not know if it was post or pre-paid. You can still take one because nothing beats a trial but a failure.

  7. star*yellow says:

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    cell phones do work on most cruise ships but at an extra cost. you should check with your cell phone provider and the cruise ship to see what the rates are going to be for you to use your cell phone on the ship and when you get on land.

    i recently went on a cruise with Carnival and my cell phone worked on the ship and on land.

  8. Dan says:

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    If you don’t want to be bothered, why take any phone with you? Enjoy yourself on the ship, and don’t worry about what is going on elsewhere.


  9. jvega624 says:

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    cell phones do not work on cruise ships i believe

  10. Barkley Hound says:

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    It will work for sure on land. Some ships are now offering cell phone service on the ship but it is treated as an international call. You will have to check with your cell phone company about rates from the Bahamas and for international calls on the ship.

    ₪ ɦəlʞɹɐq ₪

  11. !!! CORN POPS :) says:

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    Not that I known off, It depends if the cruise ship has good reception.

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