good vacation spot for a single 23 year old and a few friends?

Bently Slick asked:

Trying to find a good vacation spot for me and my boys? were all single college students. I live in arizona and vegas is getting old. I was thinking something like a cruise or Del Mar cali. Any ideas?

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  1. gregward56 says:

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    Cali is great, being from San Diego I am partial to the area – if you want a “cleaner” party experience, SD is great. If you can handle a little more adventure & a little less control – Mexico might be a good bet for you.

    You can get a good deal on either place through a travel wholesaler. There’s a few out there that have super cheap rates but this is the one I’ve used before myself. Hope this helps!

  2. bashishot says:

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    You could go to Mexico. That tends to be a high volume spot for single college age people! There is Cancun or Cabo. Also Jamaica is reasonably cheap as well.

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