How is a disney cruise and disney world visit combo? Entertaining?

Riahh! <3 asked:

Soon, (August 24th) Me and my family are going on a disney vacation for three days, then being transferred onto a disney cruise. Has anyone been to disney or been on the disney cruise? How was it?? What was some of your favorite parks/rides/things to do on the ship?

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  1. MomSezNo says:

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    One problem I see with this combo is that it could be pretty hectic. Three days is not much time to see DisneyWorld, and a four-day cruise is pretty short. That being said, Disney really knows how to “do it right”, so I’m sure you’ll have a great time.

    If you want more info on the cruise part of your trip, you can go to and click on “Reviews”, then “Member Reviews” for your ship. Also check “Boards”, then go to your preferred topic.

    I strongly suggest you get a book from the library or bookstore that gives “touring plans” for WDW, so you can make the most of the short time you have there.

    Have a great trip!!

  2. chuck s says:

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    my family tried that, we didnt like it at all, my daughter and my step son got really sick on the cruse,i didnt think my daughter was going to make it , but i think it would have been fun otherwise

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