I live in houston, single.what is the best vacation place?

Mike asked:

i’m 27 years old, single. i am trying to find best vacation spot or cruise. just want relax & have fun. planning to leave after dec 21. any tip would be appriciated..thank you in advanced.

How To Cruise On A Budget

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  1. sweetmommy says:

    Save On Your Next Cruise Vacation

    Playa Del Carmen or any of the towns along the Mexican Riviera Maya usually have tons of young groups of singles.

  2. William K says:

    Cruising On A Budget

    There are seven day Caribbean cruises out of Galveston that won’t break the bank.

    EDIT for Sweetmommy: The problem with those places, especially during winter breaks, is that Cancun down to PDC is full of these types:

    You know, tattooed, fauxhawked, oiled up, gangsta-posing d*****bags.

    (I saw this site today and couldn’t stop laughing. I saw these types in Cancun last year, Vegas this past April, and all over New Braunfels in July.)

    I love the Mayan Riviera. I honeymooned there. I go to Tulúm instead of places north.

  3. crazyjaney says:

    Cruise Vacation Guide

    Disney, Epcott, Animal Kingdom and Universal Studios!

  4. der_grosse_e says:

    How To Cruise On A Budget

    Just hop in the car and head 80 miles east for beautiful Beaumont, TX. Museum Capital of Texas! Come for the giant Fire Hydrant stay for the air quality.

  5. Netzee says:

    Learn How To Cruise On A Budget

    A singles cruise Check Vacations to Go 90 day ticker sale

  6. sanity says:

    Cruise On A Budget

    queensland in australia, go to the gold coast. beach,casino,night clubs,amusement parks, lots lots more. para sailing,jet skiing,and more
    you will have fun and meet lots of people.

  7. Maddie =) says:

    Cruise On A Budget

    I recomend coming to California. Napa if you like wine or San Diego if you like the beach!

    Good luck!

  8. saintchristo says:

    Huge Savings On Your Next Cruise

    I guess Galveston is out of the Question.
    Is it still there?

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