If you could choose anywhere within the US to go for vacation where would you choose?

melissaw77 asked:

Unlimited vacation, about 2 weeks on someone elses dollar. You have no expenses. Would you rather road trip it, fly, or cruise ship to your destination? For me I have always wanted to see so much of the US but I think that I could narrow it down to either Hawaii, or Alaska, because both are so hard to get to normally, and expensive, and both offer an almost foreign appeal. There is great beauty in both places, and I love the cold, so Alaska would probably be my final pick. How bout you?

How To Cruise On A Budget

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  1. Rossi says:

    Cruise On A Budget

    San Franciso for a 3 or 4 days, then drive up the coastal road to Portland, spend a weekend there, go to Seattle for a couple nights, then head down interstate 5 and detour back to San Francisco via the Napa Valley.

    Or, hire a car and travel from one side to the other. The best parts of the USA, I found, are away from the major cities. Also, a friend of mine travelled coast to coast and he said his favourite city in the whole USA was Flagstaff, AZ.

    Don’t feel you have to go to the “famous” places. They’ll still be there next time you go back……

  2. iltmaemc says:

    cruise vacation

    Alaska or Montana, Wyoming for the nature

  3. teamwild27 says:

    Cruise Vacation Guide

    I would pick Hawaii or Alaska or maybe a week of each!

  4. Amanda May says:

    Cruise On A Budget

    I think i would go for Alaska, and i would totally make it a road trip.

  5. marvelousmaiden says:

    cruise vacation

    I travelled a lot as a kid,seeing 33 states,but haven’t gone anywhere in 20 years.Even though we went to Disney many times,I’d love to go back.It can be tiring with all that walking,but it really is the happist place on earth!I haven’t been since they built the movie studio and animal park,and I’d also love to see the nearby Universal Studios park.Hawaii is beautiful,but there’s not as much to do.Some people like the lay on the beach,do nothing vacation,which I understand if they work hard,but we always prefered to have every moment planned and itinerized!We’d come home feeling like we needed a vacation!We always figured you could rest at home,you’re only there for a short while,so you’d better see everything there was to see!I like the cold as well,but I have no desire to see Alaska.Hawaii is breathtaking,the air is like perfume from all the flowers and the scent of suntan oil wafting from the beaches.The music is lovely,the hula dancers charming.Have fun,wherever you decide.

  6. Eileen J says:

    How To Cruise On A Budget

    Totally agree with you 100% . I would love to go to Hawaii someday, I heard it is very expensive though…We have a family trip coming up in June out West. I can’t wait . It will be on a River Cruise down the Snake river I am not even sure of the details only that I can’t wait to go. My mom in law picked it out and taking all of us..I have never been West except for a trip to Las Vegas and that was awesome but we didn’t see more than the casinos .

  7. rosie45 says:

    How To Save On A Cruise Vacation

    I’d road-trip it to Pennsylvania: I’d like to tour Philadelphia and Gettysburg, plus my family is originally from there (among other places). I love historical sites, and this is about as rich in history as you can get besides going overseas.

  8. honey_toast_and_chocolate says:

    Cruise Vacation Guide

    hmm, I love the sea, so I would probably go for somewhere in California or Florida, but I would include a road trip as well. I saw British Columbia on the TV, that was lovely as well, with the lakes and all. And maybe a bit of Texas like the typical tourist.

  9. alphabanana says:

    Cruise Vacation Guide

    Good question!

    I’d like a mini road trip from Miami, to Key West for the first 10 days, then a quick flight on over to New Orleans to finish up. Sounds like heaven to me.

  10. Holly S says:

    How To Cruise On A Budget

    Kauaii, Hawaii. This is my dream vacation.

  11. eastwoodelvis says:

    Cruise Vacation Guide

    Iraq.. Very cheap at the Mo.. No need to book…

  12. Sydney says:

    Cruise On A Budget

    Hawaii—warm, sunny, beautiful. What more could you want? I hate the cold, so Alaska would be a definite NO for me.

  13. shirley m says:

    How To Cruise On A Budget


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