I’m going to Daytona Beach for vacation. Is there any day cruises that are worth doing?

madsally42 asked:

I don’t want casino cruises, my son isn’t old enough to get on board.

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  1. nick_1965 says:

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    Most of the cruises are out of Ponce Inlet, about 10 miles south of daytona, or cape canaveral, about 50 miles south. Check those out. Ponce Inlet usually just has gambling and fishing/drunk cruises but you can find more in canaveral.

    If you ever make it to the gulf coast of FL go to clearwater. They have a pirate cruise (my kids loved it) and a cruise to “shell island” which I have not taken but is supposed to be good for kids.

  2. Christopher says:

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    i sujest no cruses because it is a hot spot for abusers and molesters, because there is no place to run.
    and if you get stuck or you want to file a complaint about your cabin or something else you are often at the mercy of the crew.
    but whatever you want is fine just warning you

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