looking for a adult party vacation in the caribbean?

highcap10 asked:

me and wife want to go on vacation, possibly a different country, or a cruise. we like to drink and party. were looking for something thats geared more for young partying adults.

Learn How To Cruise On A Budget

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  1. Mega_Nic says:

    Learn How To Cruise On A Budget

    Barbados or St.Maarten

  2. Elaine says:

    Cruising On A Budget

    Do Carnival in Trinidad. If you like to drink & party, that’s definitely a good one. The islands all have their own Carnival, Trinidad’s being the “best,” depending on who you ask. I love Barbados own festival called Cropover. There are plenty of parties in the weeks leading to the actual jump up day (you can buy a costume & dance in the streets with them or just observe). The liquor is cheap & I try to attend as many of the carnivals as I can. The next one up is St Thomas (next week), then St. Vincent (late June), St. Lucia (mid July), Barbados & Antigua (first week of August), Grenada (2nd week of August). Trinidad’s is the Mon & Tues right before lent starts (just look for Ash Wednesday).

    Every island has something to offer, so any of those should be a fun time, though I would say the top 4 (even check BET or E! for their coverage) would be Trinidad, Barbados, St. Vincent, and Antigua. If you want to try a more risque type of festival in the US, check Key West’s Fantasy Fest(last weekend in October). That is definitely for adults only, and even though it’s not the Caribbean, it’s a lot of fun.

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