Question about getting married on cruise?

Emily asked:

I was wondering how it works if you want to get married on a cruise? My boyfriend and I would like to get married while we’re on vacation and it just be us… no parent’s no food no drama! honeymoon/wedding all at once… but how does the marriage license work? And it won’t be for a couple years but the sooner the planning the better!

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  1. grammie says:

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    Contact a cruise line and ask them!

  2. CJYJ90 says:

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    You are in luck, I just researched this A LOT. We were going to cruise from LA or San Diego CA to Mexico on carnival cruise lines. They have a package for just you and your boyfriend and no family or friends. The have a package called “just for the bride and groom” that actually allows for up to 8 people including you and him. It costs $1,195.00. You get a marriage liscense in the state that you marry in.
    DJ Myrick
    Personal Vacation Planner
    Carnival Cruise Lines
    1-800-819-3902, ext. #82853

    Call her. She will give you any info you need. You pay for your cruise first, or just the deposit for your cruise, then you book the wedding and pay the full price of the wedding and you pay the remaining deposit of your cruise no later than 60 days before you sail. Now, I dont know if the wedding package might cost different for you because I dont know where you are sailing from, where you are going, etc. But hope this helps! Yes, it is better to plan sooner because they need time to plan. Anyway, happy marrying! Im getting married too but next year 🙂 thats why i know about it. Although we arent doing a cruise wedding anymore but now i put my cruise wedding knowledge to some good 🙂

  3. TAlex88 says:

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    You need to apply for a marriage license in the state you live in about a week before you’re going to get married. I’m not sure how the marriage happens on the cruise ship. (the legal stuff) like how signs the marriage license i think it would have to be 2 witnesses. not sure though. I know you can’t have the captain do the officiating though. (during the ceremony)

    Have fun with the planning 🙂 I hoped I helped.

  4. Lighthouse says:

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    You should first apply for a marriage license.

  5. ♥B2B in 2 Months♥ says:

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    my brother-in-law and his soon to be ex-wife got married on a cruise.
    i think you will have to get a license in whatever state your in.

    not sure.

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