What’s the cheapest Island vacation we can take?

Bozz Mozz asked:

I always hear that people find these great vacation deals, like going to Jamaica for $500, how do I come across one of those? I’d love to find a kid-friendly place (like Beaches or a cruise). Leaving out of Boston.
Tx. Can you include websites of the agencies?

Save On Your Next Cruise Vacation

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  1. memoryBurner says:

    Cruise Vacation Guide

    Are you only considering Caribbean islands ? Have you been to Martha’s Vineyard ? It would have to be in June – Sept to be warm enough.

    But, if you have not been, it’s beautiful and it is an island…you really feel like you are “away”.

    There are some kid-friendly lodging options and if your family is outdoor-oriented, there are plenty of activities.

  2. dvdclarke says:

    Save On Your Next Cruise Vacation

    Try Santo Domingo Dominican Republic.

  3. Adam W says:

    Cruise Vacation Guide

    I’ve never been on one that cheap, but compared to many of the other alternatives Aruba is a good deal. Its outside of the hurricane zones that the carribean experiences, its very safe and family friendly, and its one of the few places I’ve ever seen where the pictures and advertisements aren’t as beautiful as the actual destination!

    I used expedia when I went, got a good deal on an all inclusive at a resort called the Tamarijn (owned by the Divi resorts company). You not only got access to the Tamarijn, but a sister resort up the beach from it as well.

  4. iamgodurtoo says:

    Cruise On A Budget

    Republica Dominicana.
    Maya Riviera Mexico. (Cancun)
    Those are two places you get the most for your money.
    Also try a travel agent. They get great deals.

  5. Kiss me I'm Irish! -Rosie says:

    Cruise On A Budget

    Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, Riviera Maya area in Mexico, St Maarten. I’m incredibly jealous!

    Maybe avoid Mexico right now, though. It’s all bad right now.

  6. ☆Love☆ says:

    Cruising On A Budget

    Cuba Varadero is usually the cheapest in the caribbean
    Very very pretty and a nice placeto visit! See how they live!


  7. dette says:

    Save On Your Next Cruise Vacation

    try going here in the philippines…

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