What are the safety/crash statistics for flying, driving or by cruise ship?

skydiva asked:

How safe am I doing any of these? What mode of travel is the safest? I am looking for actual statistics with references to where the statistics are from. Im trying to convince my friend to go on vacation, and they refuse to go on a cruise or fly across the ocean!

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  1. woundshurtless says:

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    well if your flyring you shoudlnt be worried about anything, because no matter what, yoru goign to come down anyway, nwo if your on a ship you can go down to, but you might wanna learn to swim first, and if your in a car, well, you can go all kidns of ways in a car, at least with a boat or airplane you can only go down

  2. missourim43 says:

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    Check this site out
    You are statistically safest on a US airliner, cruise ship is also extremely safe assuming you are on one of the top 4 or 5 cruise lines.

    You are at most risk in your car.

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