what can i do with my teenager on vacation?

lester asked:

I’m taking my 15 year old neice on a cruise. I have no kids, so I’m kinda at a loss as to what we can do to keep us occupied on vacation. How much money should I bring?

How To Save On A Cruise Vacation

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  1. internships says:

    I haven’t been on a cruise, but I can say that teenagers can be difficult to entertain. These days, if you pack along a laptop or have them on board, you can sample music with her during the off times. Take a deck of cards to play on deck and order up the non-alcoholic “fruffy” drinks with the umbrella. Make sure that you find time to visit the night life on the boat if it is appropriate for her age – teens love to feel like adults and staying up very late is something that thrills them. Maybe bring along some teen magazines that you can lay together and read while tanning outside as well.

  2. honeybunny_272000 says:

    Cruising On A Budget

    Definitely book at least 2 shore excursions for the duration of your cruise. In my opinion you won’t have anything to do if you don’t. In November I went on a Cruise to Freeport and Nassau. In freeport my Mom and I swam with dolphins and in Nassau my mom and I had a “stingray encounter” where we got to pet and feed stingrays. It was super fun. By the way i’m 15 too.

  3. chataazul says:

    Save On Your Next Cruise Vacation

    Cruise is the best way to go. There’s so much to do on board. There are many shows, so much food, etc. You only need money for drinks, including soda, casino if you want to gamble, souvenirs, and I think that’s it.

  4. lola says:

    Learn How To Cruise On A Budget

    Well you could go site seeing. boating. shopping, or go out to eat, and try out the different foods. I really don’t know how much you can afford so it is hard for me to tell you how much you should bring with you. Sorry I couldn’t be of much help. I think that it is very sweet of you to do tis for your neice. you must be a wonderful person. Wish I could get to know you better. We would be good friends.

  5. emmerz says:

    Learn How To Cruise On A Budget

    alot cuz teens are expensive and like do girl things and differnet things and fun things and try to be cool about things like if she doesn’t want to do something don’t push it …. if she wants to do something you don’t wanna do then just do it cuz u could have fun doing that like if your afriad of hights and she wants to go rock climbing then just do it and try to have a lot of f-u-n
    good luck!!!!

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