What do you need to bring when going on a carnival cruise ship?

littleg6girl asked:

I am going on a cruise ship for a week then going to stay at a florida home for a week so i wanted to know what to bring on vacation?

Cruise On A Budget

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  1. sheryl says:

    Cruise Vacation Guide

    Dress clothes, casual clothes, & really casual clothes to sleep in. Also lots of cash, for bartering & bingo. Maybe some sea sickness medicine. Anything you forget you can buy. Have Fun!!!!

  2. no id says:

    Huge Savings On Your Next Cruise

    clothes for beach, shore excursions and dinner/shows at night
    nightlight if inside cabin
    3 plug outlet (there is only 1 outlet in the cabin)
    pepsi products if you have to have them
    good attitude and be ready for fun!

  3. julietravelcaster says:

    cruise vacation

    Bring two bathing suits if you like swimming or hot tubbing – you will find you are in them a lot.

    Bring clothes for exploring ports – shorts, t-shirts or Hawaiian shirts – good walking shoes, jeans, etc. You can probably reuse these on vacation in florida if you can use a washing machine when you get there.

    Bring clothes for on-board dining and entertainment – at least khakis and polos for men – slacks (Not jeans) and nice blouses for women. If you like dressing up for formal night bring a dress for women (from what you would wear to a wedding to a formal gown all are acceptable) and suit or tux for men. If not, you will probably want to eat in the buffet on formal night.

    Bring cameras, sports gear (if you dive or snorkel), and the like.

    Bring a credit card with some space on it.

    Bring any drugs/toiletries etc. that are important. Drugs should be in original prescription bottles.

    Bring your passport.

    I also bring a number of cruise-centric things.
    A highlighter to highlight what I want to do on the daily program.
    An extra folding suitcase that fits neatly inside other suitcase to bring back purchases and souvenirs and gifts.
    A reusable drink bottle so I can grab some water or iced tea or lemonade in the buffet area (available 24 hours a day) and take it with me elsewhere on the ship.
    a small power strip so I can plug in electronics like my cellphone, my computer, my various cameras, etc. overnight.

  4. cindy loo says:

    Cruising On A Budget

    sunblock. even if you have a base tan u will burn. sundresses,bathing suits,wraps and a cocktail dress or 2.

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