What is there for adults to do on Caribbean Cruise Line’s Bahamas Celebration?

fredhamble asked:

I am going on this cruise next weekend from Florida with the family and I am hoping that are things for me to do without the kids some of the time since I am the one who needs the vacation the most. Does anyone know if they have stuff specifically for adults (and kids too so I can get some grown-up time)??

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  1. Dave D says:

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    If they are young then you are in luck because of all the areas and activites open to them. If they are in that teen range, chances are they will just want to explore and run around.

    Eaither way it sounds like a good opportunity to get some alone time and still get points for making a family vacation plan.

  2. Jim J says:

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    You will be fine. They have a Kids Rooms stacked with video games and table games and people to watch them so you can go relax!

  3. Rodney J says:

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    Yes they have a “Kids Area” open during the day with games and activities as well as a big pool and water slide. Both are fully staffed so you can get a few hours of alone time without having to worry.

    Take the cruise! You will have a great time and so will the kids!

  4. Katie says:

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    Bahamas Celebration has an area for kids where they can play games and hang out with other kids while you can go gambling, dancing, drinking, etc. Depending on how old they are, it’s possible you can get away on the boat without having to see them at all..

  5. Alex says:

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    I’m not sure about other lines but Carnival has a place called “Adult Serenity” which is just a section of the ship for Adults Only and just has chairs and hot tubs.

    for adults you can go gable or drink or eat or walk or dance.

    the great thing about being a kid on a cruise is that they plan fun activities for you to do. once you hit 18 you’re on your own and normal ship activities can be lame (ice sculpting, mens hairy chest contest)

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