What should I pack in my makeup bag for a Caribbean cruise?

jEaNiNe pAiGe ♥ asked:

Hi. I’m packing for my vacation tonight, and I need to know some things that I should be carrying in my makeup bag. I am staying for a week in Florida, and then for another week on a Carnival cruise with family to Cozumel and Grand Cayman. What are some must-have items a teen should carry with her?

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  1. eledwen says:

    Learn How To Cruise On A Budget

    i think: a corrector pen and a primer(“that gal” by benefit is fantastic…), than mascara and an eyeshadows palette with 3-4 colors…(so you can use a color for the day and another for the night..), rose lip balm with UVfilter for the day and gloss for the night.^_^
    (sorry for bad english..)

  2. cece baybee ! says:

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    lipqloss or coursee !!;mascara.eyeliner.eye shadoww.powderr nd foundation if uu need.oOh nd tissuees incase u mess up with dah makeup nd mini perfume =))

  3. fiveobabe says:

    Learn How To Cruise On A Budget

    Florida and the Caribbean are tropical climates and thus very humid…I have traveled twice to the Bahamas and have found that the less makeup I wear, the better…If that is not your thing, try using some tinted sunscreen if you plan to depart the ship and particopate in any outdoor activites, the sunscreen helps protect your skin. Take your standard makeup items, they can be used if you are on the ship (dinner, indoor activities, etc.) Good luck and have a safe trip!!!!

  4. hmc says:

    Learn How To Cruise On A Budget

    foundation with a l least an SPF of 15. a light moisturizer. eyeliner a light blush and waterproof mascara. Make sure you have some good sunburn relief for your face .and make sure you pack a good make-up remover and a good hydrating face wash .enjoy your trip

  5. Kelly says:

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    Waterproof eyeliner, mascara, tinted moisuriser (foundation is too heavy in hot weather), spf lip balm and sparkely eyeshadow for night time!

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