What was the best vacation or place you ever went to and why?

Yin asked:

do you have a favorite vacation or place you go to that you really like? why do you like going there? if you haven’t ever really traveled, what place or thing would you like to do?
mine is the disney cruise. i just loved the ocean sunset and their private island. the service there was great, and you never got bored! 🙂

How To Save On A Cruise Vacation

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  1. Serendipity_V says:

    Save On Your Next Cruise Vacation

    It will have to be Australia, the country down under with the most diverse and unique flora and fauna. The emus, kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, wombats, echidna, platypus, the most colorful birds I’ve ever seen in my whole life, the succulent plants that thrive in its arid areas, the green forests with the giant tree ferns, the quaint towns with its pubs, the farms and vineyards, the white sheep and lambs dotting the landscape of the countryside, the diverse cultures, just simply everything that makes Australia so different from other countries I’ve visited!

  2. i luv joe jonas! ! ! says:

    How To Save On A Cruise Vacation

    I like the wisconsin dells in the summer , it is so much fun with all the water slides, all the attractions are so entertaining and the people there are so nice. in the summer the weather is beautiful its not too hot or humid and its not cold. I live in minnesota and i love it their because there are Absolutely NO mosquitoes….you can actually sit out side and enjoy yourself with out the hastle of bug spray!

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