What would be an ideal vacation spot in July?

E.B. asked:

My boyfriend and I would like to take a vacation this July. We would like to go somewhere warm (i imagine in July this wouldn’t be hard to find) and would like to be on or near a beach. We also need something moderately priced. It doesn’t have to be dirt cheap but it also can’t be too extravagant. I’ve been looking at beaches in the southern US (In Florida, South Carolina, etc) but have also been looking at the Caribbean. We basically want to relax, drink, eat maybe do some shopping, nothing too fancy. Might also be open to a Cruise.
Any Suggestions?

Learn How To Cruise On A Budget

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  1. oceanbreeze says:

    How To Cruise On A Budget

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  2. ctelly22 says:

    How To Save On A Cruise Vacation

    Try Puerto Rico. Its relaxing, fun and very affordable. Try Condado or Isla Verde since you want to be close to the beach. Both aren’t far from old San Juan. Another option is St. Maarten. It’s a very friendly island and fun and has lots of great shopping and restaurants. Puerto Rico has a lot of affordable hotel options. For St. Maarten I would recommend a vacation rental. They’re often cheaper than the hotels.

  3. the3rdtom says:

    Huge Savings On Your Next Cruise

    First of all I recommend you “price shop” with 3 travel agents. (Make sure you explain to them you calling 3 travel agents to “shop for the best deal” today, and you understand the price could change tomorrow) St. John’s Island (U.S.V.I.) in the Caribbean (in my opinion) is the #1 spot in the world.

  4. JCMojo says:

    Cruise Vacation Guide

    My personal favorite spots –
    Portland, OR
    Bay Area, CA
    Venice, Italy
    Tuscany, Italy
    South of France
    Mallorca, Spain

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