Where should my girlfriend and I go on vacation this summer, Disney world, Atlantis Bahamas,cruise, dollywood?

jserak13 asked:

We are in our 20’s

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  1. clara says:

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  2. HappyGoLucky says:

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    Gatlinburg, Tennessee Yes… Dollywood, No. I hate going I live here and can go for free, and still only go 1 time a year, and that is Christmas with my family.

  3. Katlyn ♥ Disney says:

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    Well, I’m 20… my ex-boyfriend used to take me to Walt Disney World every summer. It’s my favorite place to vacation. It’s really amazing, and you definitely don’t need to have children to enjoy it. In fact, I imagine it’s even more fun without them. There’s so much stuff for adults to do, so many incredible restaurants and gorgeous Resorts.

    …I’d rather go to Walt Disney World than anywhere else.

  4. darlene says:

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    Atlantis! Disney was soooooo over rated. And Dollywood is a nice weekend find, but not for a serious memory.

  5. astargrl says:

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    Every girl would love to go to the bahamas!

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