which cruise line is better and where is the best spot for a room?

vanessa asked:

My family and I are taking a vacation in may, 2009. But, the problem is that we have no clue what cruise ship would be more comfortable! And, where would be a better spot for a room? The back, or the front part of the ship? Hope you have answers. Thanks!
we are going to alaska, and we are also kind of wondering what you guys thought about NCL cruises.
and what is the 8th deck like? is it cool?

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  1. Patricia C says:

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    You can also hire a cruise yacht where you can enjoy summer with your family in privacy. Also you can get everything you expect on a yacht charter as well. Check out them n you’ll get the idea

  2. randall_nd says:

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    No ship is bad. Carnival has slightly larger staterooms. Midship has the least motion of the ocean. Carnival has the best beds. They are at least as good as Sleep Number beds.

  3. Zdiddy says:

    Cruising On A Budget

    well first off, NCL is my least fav. cruise line by far. princess is the best. i went on NCL this summer to alaska. my room was in the front of the boat on level nine. alaskan cruises have no waves so u prob. will not get sea sick. on NCL, the rooms in the front from levels 7-9 are windows. the middle and back are balconies. i would suggest the highest level possible. but remember that the higher the room the more epensive

  4. Kristina L says:

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    On going to Alaska, if you are getting a window or balcony room, request to be on the land view side of the ship. That is where the best views will be. The center of the ship moves the least. Avoid stairwells or elevators. And the higher up the better. The better the room, the more expensive – something to keep in mind if you are on a budget.

    Remember, even the cheapest, worst room on a cruise, is better than a mundane day at work anytime 🙂

  5. Blue Eyed Babe says:

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    Go with Carnival!!!!!!!!! My room was on the “upper” deck aka 6th floor in the middle of the ship. (Balcony) We loved it and we are going on it again in January!!!!!!!

  6. Time travler says:

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    I enjoy Princess cruise lines a lot. I have had cabin at the ends and in the middle. Two weeks ago, my cabin was on deck 14 at the end. It is the same deck as the buffet is on. That was pretty convent. The main thing to know is the lower you are and the more in the middle of the ship you are the less you feel the ship movement. The movement does not bother me at all and the gentle rocking puts me to sleep. I always prefer a balcony because you can open the door and listen to the ocean, even at night. This is my personal choice though.

  7. rick d says:

    cruise vacation

    Every cruise offers a great selection of cabins and food. You did not say where you are going however each cruise line trys to offer alittle something different yet, all do their best to have activities for everyone.
    Also depending where you go will also have an effect on the age group.
    I have benn on over 20 cruises and always had a cabin on deck 11 towards the middle(back) and never had aproblem with noise, movement or anything else.
    There many great places to see.

  8. Andy says:

    Cruise Vacation Guide

    All the cruise lines have very comfortable accommodations (in any size you want), great service and fantastic food. If you can afford it, get a veranda suite so you can sit on your balcony. The only difference as far as I’m concerned among the cruiselines is the number of children and partying types on board. I prefer a line with fewer children (and loud people). We have sailed with Holland America, Royal Caribbean and Carnival. I prefer both Holland America and Royal Caribbean. Oh, get a room mid-ship.

  9. gary o says:

    How To Cruise On A Budget

    I don’t care where I am but many say the middle of the ship. Stay away from stairwells because of the traffic.
    Inside rooms are less expensive but without windows. you are not in your room much so who cares….They are the same size.

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