Fire Marshall Bill – Honeymoon Cruise – In Living Color

Jim Carrey as Fire Marshall Bill

Duration : 0:6:5

[youtube vbYl-V5wrP4]

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  1. yugiohdrew says:

    oh god no oh god …
    oh god no oh god yes lol

  2. ChoocoolaateMuuffiin says:

    He’s prepared for …
    He’s prepared for everything!

  3. NinjaGhostScorpion says:

    “Your mother eats …
    “Your mother eats popsicles in Hell!”

  4. mackbee628 says:

    Why did they cut …
    Why did they cut the part where Fire Marshal Bill actually imitates the late Carmen Miranda? That was so funny!!! “She’s possessed by the spirit of Carmen Miranda… mamama queiro mamamamaquiero… and suddenly, without any good reason, she decides to whip up a performance enhancing smoothie with this handy bedside juicer!” “That’s not a juicer, that’s the magic fingers!” “Don’t get technical, Buster!” ROFLMAO

  5. MOBIUS1107 says:

    he are invincible
    he are invincible

  6. FaithandReasons says:


  7. jackassn12345678 says:

    fucking fool

  8. jimmyblade92 says:

    2:23 …
    2:23 hahahahahahahhahah

  9. raterroyale says:

    Why does Fire …
    Why does Fire Marshall Bill only hang out with black people lol? WTF?

  10. Xxstarry10xX says:

    @raterroyale …
    @raterroyale Because Fire Marshall Bill was from In Living Color.
    Jim Carrey was the only white guy on the show. Hence the name, In Living COLOUR.

  11. funniYuki1 says:

    Jim Carrey is the …
    Jim Carrey is the best comedian of all time

  12. yarpp23456 says:

    @funniYuki1 he is …
    @funniYuki1 he is not a comedian his a actor or u cud say comical actor

  13. thatsnazzycornguy says:

    @yarpp23456 he was …
    @yarpp23456 he was a stand up first then he was an actor notice when he uses ALLRIGHTY THEN in his stand up

  14. CommanderCooper says:

    @yarpp23456 …
    @yarpp23456 Wikipedia helps sometimes.

  15. shadowgear111 says:

    south of the navel …
    south of the navel son hahahahaha

  16. SuperKamiGuru13 says:

    This looks like a …
    This looks like a good place for a stick up

  17. jetwasd says:

    This summers newest …
    This summers newest horror… Starring jim Carey as fire Marshall bill and Bruce Willis as officer jones… “Fire Marshall bill death proof”

  18. MIssTrumpet13 says:

    let me show ya …
    let me show ya somth’n

  19. dragon1max says:

    Doesn’t that hurt
    Doesn’t that hurt

  20. 6Surferdude says:

    Let Me Show Ya …
    Let Me Show Ya Somethin. Haha I Never Get Tired of That.

  21. Pijus1991 says:

    Let me show ya …
    Let me show ya something

  22. REGULUSRA says:

    HAHA!!! God this is …
    HAHA!!! God this is funny!

  23. angeldemonjosh says:


  24. 13026A says:


  25. Oaglor says:

    4 People were in …
    4 People were in that cruise ship.

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