Honeymoon Cruise from Cozumel to Grand Caymen

For Howards and mine late Honeymoon we decided to take a well relaxed 7 day cruise leaving from Miami and traveling to Cozumel, Mexico… Belize…Roatan Island and Grand Caymen

we did mostly beach excursions and the other 2 we took a trip to the Ruins of Tulum and the Belize Zoo.

If you’ve never taken a cruise before i HIGHLY suggest it (IF your a boat person). I’ve gone on short cruises since a youngin and this was my first long experience.

all music used royalty free by Kevin MacLeod at incompetech.com
music song is: Modern Jazz Samba

Duration : 0:4:19

[youtube Mv2P0kFisxA]

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  1. JnAStudios says:

    one of the most fun …
    one of the most fun times ever in my life was the 7 day cruise I took a few years back. Flew up to Tampa and the boat went from there to Grand Cayman, Cozumel and then New Orleans. Grand Cayman was fun (I took the island tour) I went to Telum too! So much fun, so glad you two had such a great time!

  2. mgphenom says:

    HUZZAH FOR the …
    HUZZAH FOR the ICYPANDA duo 😛 🙂 makes me smile to see how awesome you two are together 😀 huzzahh!

  3. Annaconda1984 says:

    looks like a fun …
    looks like a fun trip

  4. thornekatt says:

    very cute!
    very cute!

  5. pickles2626 says:

    awesome trip!
    awesome trip!

  6. Deflin says:

    Looks like a blast! …
    Looks like a blast! You guys deserved a great time!


    YAY two of my …
    YAY two of my favorite You Tubers on their HONEYMOON!!

  8. TheMuffinShow says:

    how cute
    how cute

  9. littlepandaexpress says:

    @JnAStudios yup! …
    @JnAStudios yup! this was the best normally i take 3 day cruses to like the bahamas or the keys or something… telum was AMAZING!!! omg and we had no lie THE BEST tour kind ever i would go back and ask for him again

  10. littlepandaexpress says:

    @mgphenom haha …
    @mgphenom haha PandaFlow ftw lmao aw thanks matt, when you get your MG girl the 4 of us should hit the town lol

  11. littlepandaexpress says:

    @Annaconda1984 best …
    @Annaconda1984 best relaxation ever, i wanna do a 30 day cruise next hahaha

  12. littlepandaexpress says:

    @ …
    @BEENDOWNHEARTEDBABY hugs and kisses rey MUAWS!

  13. JnAStudios says:

    @littlepandaexpress …
    @littlepandaexpress yep yep they are awesome!

  14. confidential247 says:

    wow that looks like …
    wow that looks like so much fun! I wonder if there will be a YouTube cruise gathering sometime in the distant future. I love cruises!!

  15. littlepandaexpress says:

    @confidential247 …
    @confidential247 OMG Q i sure HOPE SO! we used to have them in like 2006/07 i miss those that was fun.. we should organize one, or get someone too since im prob a poor planner haha but yea! great idea

  16. sunsetlover says:

    super cool….
    super cool….

  17. Machination1 says:

    Cruise ships make …
    Cruise ships make my eyes hurt with the “GLO”

  18. P00P0STER0US says:

    I think a cruise …
    I think a cruise would be so much fun, and lots of relaxation too. Once you’re on the boat, there’s nowhere to go so you can just slow down and enjoy. Glad you had a good time 🙂

  19. naesmans says:

    congrats ye lucky …
    congrats ye lucky feckers ! id love to do that!

  20. themightythor1212 says:

    hey i danced like …
    hey i danced like that chick in Red, you never filmed me doing that **PSSST talk to the hand****

  21. XcarmenitaXroxxX says:

    very very cute <3
    very very cute <3

  22. therealclamknuckle says:

    Congrats again and …
    Congrats again and your honeymoon looked like an awesome time. Here’s to your life together being just as amazing..,

  23. rkade79 says:

    looks real fun good …
    looks real fun good vid panda looks like heaps of fun

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